Philippines, November 2022


200 adopted seedlings were planted on the riparian corridor-along the watershed of Malumpati, the river known for its cold and cleanest waters (in 1995) in Pandan, Antique last Saturday, November 12th 2022 as the kickstart of the Music Fest Para sa Northwest.
Why adopt and tree growing instead of mere tree planting?
We know for a fact that many tree planting initiatives have failed simply because many have planted but many, too, have not returned to ensure growth. This time, we introduced the concept of tree growing and geotagging adopted trees for the sponsors to locate where it was planted, aside from the labels.
It is our commitment, that the 200 trees will thrive and add life to the watershed. It is our commitment to our sponsors that the 200 pesos they pay will actually survive and be part of their living taxes to the earth.
We hearthilly thank our sponsors for adopting trees, our volunteers, SB Gaynor Briones of Pandan, the PNP-Pandan, Bueareu of Fire-Pandan personnel, Kabalikat Civicom and all others who planted the soft bombs of love to the earth.
We aim at growing trees and not only at the numbers of the planted ones.
What means riparian?
“A riparian corridor is a unique plant community consisting of the vegetation growing near a river, stream, lake, lagoon or other natural body of water“

December 2022

PhilinCon Conservation Christmas Party

RIDGE: The activity started with the eco hike and simple gift-giving to some of the kids and adults in Tabay, Pandan, one of the adopted commuties of the NGO. Bringing little joy to the people who stewards their direct environment connects us deeper with them thus, sustains out efforts for conservation in the area. We have to keep on teaching our children to keep on loving the earth and humanity. There is so much light, hope and love there. Tabay, thank you always for your warm reception.

REEF: followed in the evening by the organizations’ christmas party at the Inigman beach at barangay Patria, Pandan. The rangers with the rest of the Darwin project personnel, PhilinCon members and stakeholders, and some guests participated in the event.

Our heartfelt appreciation for the host Julio P. Samulde of the events both at Tabay and Inigman beach, for sharing your places, preparing the lunch at Tabay and dinner for the christmas party. You are always an inspiration and support of the NGO, to keep its mandate to protect and defend. Thank you for looking after these beautiful places and people in the community. And to all other members and donors who shared their resources, a way of supporting our advocacies for the environment, a big thank you!
PhilinCon team! We had a great 2022, may 2023 be greater strides for our conservation initiatives!

September 2021

New Solar Power Panels

In September 2021 our Research Station is now energized more than ever, with 900Wh we now have enough power for lights, cellphones, laptops and flashlights 24/7. Thank you to DENR Penro, Antique, Park Rangers, Porters and many more!


Media, Movies & Press

Nice articles in german language were published: pdf-download: newspaper articles in RUBIN

Javie and his friend Stance, a filmographer made a brilliant movie about the Rangers and the Rainforest.

And some gardening and biology action and knowlegde from our Partner Stadt Park Garten on from march 2021:

UK & Philippines, November 2021

Great news: in the study of the estimation of the Tarictic Hornbill Population we found: There is (yet) plenty!

Our paper on the Visayan tarictic hornbill has just been published in Avian Research, estimating 2673 hornbills in the Northwest Panay Peninsula (Philippines) – a higher number than the old IUCN estimate of 1000 individuals across its entire range!…/s40657-021-00303-3# (open access)
Huge thanks to co-authors Daphne Kerhoas, Rheaging A. Santillan, Putput Fernandez, Jun Santiago Tacud, David and Christian, and everyone else who helped (including those at the DENR, PENRO and CENRO, for their support and collaboration)

2021 and 2022, Philippines

We released Wildlife


We released 5 Brahminy Kites and one Changable Hawk Eagle in June 2021. In November we released more Brahminy Kites, 2 Serpant Eagels and 1 Honey Buzzard back to the wild. In December we released the 2 Monkeys and other Brahminy Kites (Heliastur indus). Right now we have 1 B. Kite at Mag-Aba rescue center, and at Sibaliw Station 2 Tarictics. In January 2022 we released the Dulungan Horbill.

Rebecca was writing on the 5th of November: “Yesterday, PhilinCon released two bhraminy kites and two serpent eagles back to the wild. These raptors were sheltered by the Rescue and Rehab Facilities of the NGO. With us, is Manong Macario Melchor, the caretakers, Dr. Rebecca Tandug, Dr. Generosa Cosmilla Condez , Rhea Santillan and Michele R. Placio. Also with us, assisting are the two rangers Gab and Edgar.

Releasing the wildlife back to their natural habitats, is always a mixed feeling especially for the caretaker, Manong Macario. After years of taking good care of the rescued/injured wildlife, it is usual to feel sad releasing them back, while being happy freeing them. 💚
If you wish to donate for the rehab and shelter of the rescued wirldlife, please donate to PhilinCon”
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“Today, July 12, 2021 at seven-thirty in the morning, five Brahminy Kite (Haliastur Indus) were hard-released from PhilinCons Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Facilities in Mag-aba, Pandan Antique. Led by the NGO’s Executive Director, Dr. Rebecca Tandug, Operations Manager, Rhea Santillan, and some of the wildlife enforcement officers, the birds were released back to the wild where they belong. This conservation area of the NGO is crucial to the caring of the injured, orphaned, and sick and home for the poached animals before releasing them to their natural habitats. The challenge is to identify the level of adaptability of animals and applying a pre-release conditioning program to ensure not only the readiness of the animals to be sent off back to the wild but to identify the right habitat where they will thrive well.
Also, a six-kilograms Reticulated Python with the local name “Magkal” was turned over to PhilinCon by Mr. Guillermo of DENR CENRO, Culasi, Antique. The said reptile was turned over by a concerned citizen from Barangay Fe, Culasi Antique, and is subject to be released tomorrow by the forest park rangers in the Northwest Panay Peninsula Natural Park.
If you are interested to become part of the wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, please reach out to PhilinCon. We can forge partnerships through sponsorship, veterinary support, and volunteer work to the wildlife in captivity, or in the rehabilitation and release processes. Also, the NGO is looking at this opportunity for educational tours and campaigns for the wildlife and incorporating the visit of the facilities in its conservation hikes programs packages”

Philippines, August & September 2021

Beach Cleanup

September: Our deputized PhilinCon Park Rangers and Volunteer Wildlife Enforcement Officers and members of ecological solid waste management conducted a coastal clean-up and collected 12 sacks of non-biodegradable wastes in Botbot and some coastal parts of Idiacacan in Pandan, Antique last September 11.
“PhilinCon’s 2nd coastal clean up in Duyong beach this morning. So far we have collected around 30 bags of non-biodegradable wastes and this is just at the estuary and glampsite area of Duyong beach. It would greatly help if all residents living in the coastal areas also get involve in cleaning up regularly their own beachfront.”
“The Philippines has been cited as one of the world’s top plastic-polluting countries due to our tremendous plastic consumption yet paltry plastic waste management efforts, with a recent study listing 19 of our very own rivers among the top 50 in the world carrying the most plastic waste into the ocean.”-The Climate Reality Project Philippines

Germany & Philippines, March 2021

New species found: 3 praying Mantises

Christian Schwarz described and illustrated the 3 new species of praying mantids from the forest remnants of Panay Island, Philippines:
– Pliacanthopus (Malayamantis) visayanus n. sp. extends the distribution of the genus to the Philippine archipelago, that was so far only known from Sundaland (landmass during the last ice age, comprising eastern Indonesia and  southeast Asia).
Compsogusa rheae n. gen. n. sp. and
– Theopompa schulzeorum n. sp. are bark mantids endemic to Panay.
Christian named those beautiful animals after among other, in honor of Rhea Santillan and Helga Schulze.
Schwarz, Christian. (2021). Three new praying mantises from Panay Island, Philippines (Insecta: Mantodea). 2. 35-56. 10.18476/insy.v03.a2.

March, 2021, Philippines

We looked for a Communications Officer


We were looking for a Communication Development Officer (Philippines).

The Philippine Initiative for Environmental Conservation and the People, Inc. has worked for more than two decades in the field of research and conservation of the Northwest Panay Peninsula Natural Park, one of our island’s last lowland rainforests with several endangered endemic species that crucially needs protection. We prefer applicants who wish to do partly voluntary works for nature conservation, a tree hugger, and one who understands the ecological value of the forests and the marine life.

Duties & Responsibilities:

– in charge of campaigns, publicity, social marketing
– handle PhilinCon’s social media and online communications
– assist in data gathering, documentation, and other clerical works.
– provide reports to the PhilinCon team in Germany.


– Graduate of any 4-year Bachelor’s Course
– Knowledge of environmental science/conservation
– Experience with NGO work/Proposal writing is an advantage.
– A resident of Pandan, Antique is highly preferred.
– Has good computer skills
– Proficient in English

To apply for the position, kindly send the following to before 26 March 2021:

1. Letter of Intent addressed to:
Philippine Initiative for Environmental Conservation and the People, Inc.
Leocadio Alonsagay Dioso Memorial Public Library, Brgy. Baybay, Pandan, Antique

2. Detailed CV, detailing qualifications

Indicate Application for PhilinCon ComDev Application_March 2021 in the subject line of the email.

Philippines & Germany, February 2021

Third Corona-fundraiser: rainforest from increased burnings and poaching!

We created a third fundraiser campaign to protect the wildlife and rainforest.

We raised 300€.

We need your help! Please support our rangers patrolling the Northwest Panay Peninsula Natural Park on Panay Island! The poaching and burning of rainforest increased drastically due to Corona and its consequences in the Philippines, and is very high now! At the moment the rangers are only being paid a little (only the wages of 6 of the 16 rangers) by our Partner Bristol Zoo. Please help us pay their wages & allowances, so they can do their job: please pay for food and fuel, so the rangers can patrol more than once a week and destroy the traps of poachers. You can decide how many times the rangers can patrol the  forest.

We are also looking for longterm partners, paying the rangers for some months- if you know any potential partners – we would be very greatful! #stopppoaching #giveus20 #helpourrangers 

Donate on our website via paypal, creditcard & transaction or on StartNext via creditcard and other payments.

Philippines, February 2021

New Movie

The beautiful rainforest of Panay Island is under threat – but the guardians of the forest – the PhilinCon rainforest rangers – are on the watch.

This film takes you on a journey trough the rainforest along the PhilinCon forest rangers. Come and experience the exitement, danger and the fascination of the jungle. Showing the natural beauty of wildlife and plants in the rainforest of the Northwest Panay Penninsula Natural Park, on Panay, Western Visayas, Philippines. 

Film and trailer made by the filmmaker Stance Mitchell @mitchell artworks

Check it out here:



December 2020

Patrons & Gifts

Finally! We created adoptions! Now you can symbolically adopt our beautiful animals in the rescue centers. That is a great gift idea as well! You get a certificate and a rewarding thank-yous.

Check it out here: Patron page

Philippines, October 2020

Beach Cleanup

On the 3rd October we, PhilinCon, participated in a beach clean up. Our Rangers, the PhilinCon team and friends collected more than 10 maxi-bags of garbage.

Philippines, October 2020

Tribute Hike

The PhilinCon Team, Staff, Volunteers and Friends did a tribute hike in honor to Prof. Curio. They walked many hours, climbed rocks and crossed rivers, to spend a night at the Sibaliw Station.

Germany, September 2020

Our beloved Professor E. Curio died

The Philippine Initiative for Environmental Conservation (PhilinCon) team and the civil society community in the Philippines and Germany mourn the passing of Prof. Dr. Eberhard Curio on 11 September 2020 in Bochum, Germany.

Prof. Curio has spent most of his life conducting biological research work in Southern Macedonia (1958), Spain (1960), Galapagos (1962-1963), Jamaica (1969), Panama (1979), Tonga (1990), Fiji (1990-1991), and in the Philippines where he conducted the remainder of his scientific work starting in 1993.

He taught at Ruhr University Bochum (Ruhr-Universität Bochum) in Germany and became a visiting professor at the University of the Philippines. Prof. Curio has been instrumental in pioneering conservation work and research in the Northwest Panay Peninsula Natural Park for more than 20 years.

His work resulted in the protection of several endangered species such as the Walden’s Hornbill (Rhabdotorrhinus waldeni) and the discovery of the Panay Monitor Lizard (Varanus mabitang) in cooperation with herpotologist Dr. Maren Gaulke and Filipino co-worker, N. Paulino and of several new species of flora and fauna in Panay Island, Philippines. He is credited in more than 90 scientific publications and had 140 projects.

He was the Founder, Scientific Adviser, and President of PhilinCon, which started as the Philippine Endemic Species Conservation Project (PESCP) in 1995 with support from the Frankfurt Zoological Society. The creation of PESCP laid down the work to preserve the remaining lowland rainforests in the Visayas region.

Since 1998, he was a member of the IUCN Survival Service Commission and its Re-introduction Specialist Group. In May 2003, the International Biographical Center in Cambridge, United Kingdom awarded him the title “Scientist of the Year”. The same organization awarded him “International Educator of the Year Award”.

Around the same year, he was declared an “adopted son” of Brgy. Centro Norte, Pandan, Antique through a resolution.

He is best remembered as a dear colleague, a friend of the people of Pandan, Antique, and a person with a firm belief in the preservation of our natural heritage.

We will forever remember the legacy of Prof. Curio and will continue to pursue the work that he started for the future of our last natural frontiers and for the future generations to come.

Statement Released: 18 September 2020

Until October 15th, this sad message reached via facebook 39.700 people, and was shared 186 and times. Until April 2021 this message reached 41,500 people and had 4,800 engagements. He died after issues with stroke and stroke medication and lung infection.

Thank you very much – Prof. Curio, for everything you have done for nature.

Philippines, September 2020

Second Corona-fundraiser: rainforest from increased burnings and poaching!

We created a second fundraiser campaign to protect the wildlife and rainforest. This campaign is still on-going, until November and we want your help.

We raised 250€.

We need your help! Please support our rangers patrolling the Northwest Panay Peninsula Natural Park on Panay Island! The poaching and burning of rainforest increased drastically due to Corona and its consequences in the Philippines, and is very high now! At the moment the rangers are only being paid a little (only the wages of 6 of the 16 rangers) by our Partner Bristol Zoo. Please help us pay their wages & allowances, so they can do their job: please pay for food and fuel, so the rangers can patrol more than once a week and destroy the traps of poachers. You can decide how many times the rangers can patrol the  forest.

We are also looking for longterm partners, paying the rangers for some months- if you know any potential partners – we would be very greatful! #stopppoaching #giveus20 #helpourrangers 

Donate on our website via paypal, creditcard & transaction or on StartNext via creditcard and other payments.

Germany, September 2020

Cooperation with Stadt – Park – Garten: Lectures & Planting

We are Planting! And we educate about Biodiversity, Botanics and the Wildlife – in Bochum, Germany. The theoretics and application to the real world.

“Ab dem 20. September vertiefen wir im VHS Kurs gemeinsam verschiedenen Experten*innen und euch, die Grundlagen der Biodiversität + sorgen mit Pflanzaktionen im Bochumer Stadtpark für üppiges Wachstum & Futter für Insekten! Mit Fledermausexkursion!”


Germany, Bochum, July 2020

Newspaper Rubin

After studying biology, Christian Schwarz began research in the Philippines. He has remained attached to the country until today: He works as a project manager for the nature conservation organization Philincon.

Article in german about Christian:

Download the full lot about PhilinCon in the RUBIN with really nice pictures here


Philippines, March 2020

our rangers

Corona-fundraiser: protect Wildlife from increased poaching!

We created a fundraiser campaign to protect the wildlife. We collected 321€ which funded the needed ranger operations and some ranger-equipment.

“We need your help! Please support our rangers patrolling the Northwest Panay Peninsula Natural Park on Panay Island! The poaching increased drastically due to Corona / Covid-19 in the Philippines, and is higher than never before! Please help us pay their allowances, so they can do their job: please pay for food and fuel, so the rangers can patrol more than once a week and destroy the traps of poachers.

If just 100 People give us 10€ we will be able to finance a patrol every 3-4 days and new, urgendly needed boots and backpacks. Donate on our website via paypal & transaction



Philippines, 29. February 2020

New Colleague

We are happy to welcome our new employee for internal communication and education:  Javie Barcinal. He is a founder of the NGO Dulungan Youth, a journalist, and photographer. 

We are always looking for volunteers from around the world. Please send us an email to or

Profile Picture of Jann Vinze Barcinal

Philippines, 24. December 2019

Typhoon Ursula: 24.12.19


A typhoon has made landfall over the Philippines at Christmas. Especially affected was the island of Panay, where PhilinCon’s employees live. Luckily, none of them got injured, but the typhoon caused significant destruction, which is now being removed by our Forest Rangers.

Germany, 16. Oktober. 2019

Photo by RUB, Marquard

Loren Legarda: guest at the Ruhr-University Bochum

A Philippine delegation led by Senator Loren Legarda, Vice-speaker of the Philippine House of Representatives, visited the Ruhr-University Bochum (RUB) on 15 October 2019. After a talk given by Senator Legarda, the RUB and the delegation signed a mutual agreement to promote exchange in teaching and research.

Official press release (only in German):

Germany, 14. Oktober. 2019

Article about Helga Schulze and her commitment to PhilinCon

Helga Schulze was a scientific illustrator at the Ruhr-University Bochum, runs a wildlife sanctuary for Loris (nocturnal primates), and has been committed to the preservation of the Philippine rainforest for over 20 years. An article about her work as a scientific illustrator and ongoing work for PhilinCon can be found here (only in German):

Photo by RUB, Kramer

Philippines, 16. Oktober 2019

Installation of billbords of the Northwest Panay Peninsula Natural Park

With the help of PhilinCon, billboards about the Northwest Panay Peninsula Natural Park were installed at Malumpati Cold Spring in Pandan, Philippines. 

Many thanks to Helga Schulze for the design and illustration.

Also, special thanks to Pandan’s Mayor John Sanchez, Bong Venus for approving the location and to Pandan MPS headed by Bryan Alamo for the transportation.

Philippines, 29. September 2019

Tree planting at Mangrove Reforestation Area

In a day event members of PhilinCon joined the tree planting at the Mangrove reforestation area. Other participants of this event included the CSO, DENR, FPO, Mag-aba High School, PNVHS, Sanggunuang Kabataan, and Mulumpati Eco group.

Germany, 11. April 2019

Beauties of the Rainforest

Article of Ruhr-University Bochum

As inhabitant of the rainforest this tree frog needs a high percipitation rate and an intact ecosystem.

Official press release (only in German):


Germany, 08. August 2018

Photo by WAZ, Barbara Zapka

Students of Ruhr-Universität Bochum support the organization PhilinCon

Student volunteers from PhilinCon, located at the Ruhr-University Bochum, are looking for donors to protect the rainforests and animals in the Philippines. 

Official press release (only in German):

Philippines, Boracay, 1. October 2012

DENR & PhilinCon confiscate Hornbill

Caged in a mini zoo as tourist attraction, a resort owner on Boracay, surrendered the bird after weeks of negotiation.

The colorful Writhed-Billed Hornbill (or Walden Hornbill) has been considered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is listed as critically endangered. It is already considered extinct in the island provinces of Negros while it is believed that only few remains in Panay Island.


Official press release & Copyright:

Philippines & Germany, August 2011

Television Report

The beautiful rainforest of Panay Island and the Dulungan Hornbill is under threat – but PhilinCon does our best to protect it. As NPO we rely on donations and sponsorships – please donate and help the rainforest!

Report made by TFC, The Filipino Community Worldwide

Check it out here: 

Philippines, Sibaliw Station, 2007

Movie about the Hornbills

Survival has become difficult for the dulungan, as the indigenous people call the hornbill.
Its habitat now consists of only a few meagre remnants of the rainforest, which on the Philippine island of Panay has been sadly reduced due to slash-and-burn and the selling of timber.
The trunks of the giant trees serve the dulungans as nest cavities, the fruits of the trees are their nutrition. On their flights they spread the seeds of these fruits on fallow fields and thus support rejuvenation of the forest.
But the nest holes are plundered by poachers and the birds’ flesh – that is made into finger food and regarded as a luxury snack – fetches a high price. Thus the number of dulungans is decimated by half each year.
Fortunately nature conservationists in Germany have developed a concept with which the former hunters are to become keepers. When former nest poachers watch the nest holes so that the hornbills can hatch in peace and rear their young, and the efforts to found national parks are still being supported, then hope remains that one of the last intact forest regions of the Philippines is not yet lost – and that the complex work of the nature conservationists, a collaboration of development aid and protection of the species, will prevail.

Official press release in german:


Germany, Bochum, 21. September 2001

Prof. Curio is awarded with the EU Biodiversity Chair

Since 1993 Prof. Curio was doing research in the Philippines: the Biodiversity is per sqaure metre the highest throughout the whole world but at the same time the most thretened.

Official press release in german: