Our Forest Rangers

Forest Rangers

We monitor the forests for illegal activities (timber poaching, wildlife hunting) in and around Northwest and Central Panay.

To monitor the forests for illegal activities (timber poaching, wildlife hunting) rangers are being hired.

Download our Ranger Reports with pictures and tables for the year 2020 here: Ranger_report_2020

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| our Aim |

To save the biodiversity of the rainforest as well as the nature reserve of the northwest panay peninsula natural park by regular inspecting checks, we have Rangers.

The remaining forests of Panay are continually under attack from illegal loggers cutting timber which is then sold to middlemen, and from these, to e. g. boat constructors. This rampant logging is even devastating the protected area of the northwest Panay Peninsula. At the same time, forest monitoring by PhilinCon’s Forest Rangers is curbing wildlife poaching. Monitoring of the forests is needed on a large scale, yet restricted to the peninsula and the northern reaches of the Central Panay Mountain Range because of lack of funds.

| our activities |

Forest rangers assigned by PhilinCon should monitor the rain forests of the northwest Panay peninsula natural park to  prevent illegal activities like logging and wildlife poaching.

Our forest rangers regularly patrol the forests to prevent illegal activities of the Northwest Panay Peninsula and the northern parts of the Central Panay Mountain Range. In case of success, illegally cut timber is handed over to the authorities (e.g. DENR, police) for confiscation, as are illegally operated chainsaws. Forest monitoring helps also to destroy snares put out for wildlife such as the critically endangered Visayan spotted deer (Rusa alfredi), Visayan warty pig (Sus cebifrons) and rare ground-living birds like the Negros bleeding-heart pigeon (Gallicolumba keayi) or the Red junglefowl (Gallus gallus). For a time, we also had an air gun-for-rice exchange program worth about 40 USD per surrendered air gun.

| operation costs |

A Ranger’s salary with insurance included is about 1,500 USD per year. The costs for one monitoring mission average the allowances (for travel and food) for a squad of six when being deployed, i.e. about 50 USD.

| duration of Patrol |

A monitoring mission takes a couple of days, depending on the circumstances. A temporary camp may be erected near a cutting site to prevent hauling away of the bounty by the loggers, which usually happens at night. Such a camp is maintained as long as the timber is not turned over to the authorities.

Measuring the felled tree
C L. Rosenbaum
C L. Rosenbaum

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