Legal Notice

Legal Notice

SVOA: Stiftung Vogelforschung und Artenschutz

Version 2022

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The ‘Bird Research and Conservation Foundation’ (Stiftung Vogelforschung und Artenschutz – SVOA) is a registered, non-profit, and non-governmental foundation that supports PhilinCon. SVOA Chairman & PhilinCon Founder until 2021 was Prof. Dr. Eberhard Curio.

  • new SVOA Chairman: M.Sc. Christian Schwarz
  • Ruhr-University Bochum
  • Post NC 46 (ND 1 / 31), Universitätsstr. 150
  • 44801 Bochum, NRW, Germany
  • Tel: +49-(0)234 / 322 2858
  • Fax: +49-(0)234 / 321 4472
  • Account: IBAN: DE74 4305 0001 0033 4266 10
  • Account name: Stiftung Vogelforschung und Artenschutz
  • Bank name: Sparkasse Bochum, Germany, WELADED1BOC
  • Email:
  • Tax Number (SVOA): 350/5702/2703
  • Treuhandstiftung
  • (Tax Identification Number: 64 257 380 10)
  • Responsible authority: Finanzamt (tax authority) Bochum-Süd, NRW, Germany

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The websites and domains, and are operated by the SVOA Stiftung Vogelforschung und Artenschutz.

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Linking Policy

The PhilinCon website contains links to foreign websites not related to its own work. PhilinCon has no influence on the content of these websites and is not responsible for their availability, contents, possibly included advertisements, products, or other contents. PhilinCon cannot be held responsible or liable, neither directly nor indirectly, for any information the visitor of these websites does not agree with or loss or damages caused by use of or reliance on any content, data, offers, or services available on such sites.

PhilinCon agrees to placing links to its website from other sites as long as the links do not improperly indicate an endorsement by or affiliation with PhilinCon, or otherwise adversely impact PhilinCon.

Data Privacy

Contents of our web pages are carefully checked, and personal data like addresses are only included upon agreement of the people / coworkers mentioned. For any concerns about contents, if you want a change or removal of personal data, or information about our way to deal with personal data, please contact Sofia Zeisig.

Personal data are kept confidential in accordance with the GDPR. Our measures in detail: see our information about data privacy.


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PhilinCon, PanayCon and PESCP

Read more about our history here: History and Aims

In short

The NGO is a charity organization in the Philippines and supported by the charity foundation “Stiftung Vogelforschung und Artenschutz” (Bird Research and Conservation Foundation). PhilinCon (formerly PanayCon, PESCP) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization based in the Philippines. Occasionally, it cooperates with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

In long

PhilinCon is an independant NGO cooperating with a German non-profit foundation. They work together in a productive coalition to preserve the biodiversity and the natural environment of the Philippine rainforest. The organization was founded originally in 1995/96 under the name PESCP by professor Eberhard Curio, a german biology scholar who seeked to preserve the precious life environment of the Philippine rainforest.

PhilinCon is a registered Philippine non-profit, non-governmental organization. It operates long-term Conservation Projects on Panay and other local conservation and development projects  financed from both national and international sources. It is affiliated or has cooperated with, among other organizations, the Aklan State University and the Department of Environment & Natural Resources (DENR) in the Philippines; the Frankfurt Zoological Society and Ruhr-University Bochum in Germany; and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).