We educate people so that they understand the advantages of a healthy environment

We try to educate people so that they understand the advantages of a healthy environment.

| our aim |

We raise awareness on the necessity of environmental protection on an individual as well as governmental level.

  • To help people understand the benefits of a healthy environment and how their behavior affects the environment now and in the future.
  • To increase awareness in communities, government, and media that the conservation of natural resources is of immediate and critical economic importance and that conservation minimizes the far greater expense of landscape restoration.
  • To organize the many levels of society and government in fora and provide knowhow for pro-environment action and jurisdiction. This includes local government units (LGUs) and Provincial Government and is the best manifest in PhilinCon’s facilitation of the northwest Panay Biodiversity Management Council consisting of LGU executives and other municipal representatives, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), and PhilinCon itself. Yet illegal logging and hunting are ongoing. Therefore PhilinCon had been organizing an effective forest guarding system that needs to be revamped now under the aegis of the DENR.
Conservation awareness lesson for local adults: Educators for PhilinCon at work, Antique Province © PhilinCon
Conservation education, Antique Province © J Reiter

| OUR Activities |

We run education programs on the island of Panay and in Germany.

As far as conservation awareness programs and education are concerned, PhilinCon has largely operated in the northwest Panay peninsula but since 2001 a much-needed extension program in Central Panay was commenced. We try to frame our objectives in a historical, economic, and cultural context. In Germany we are establishing a cooperation between teachers and schools. For more see german page.