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Beautiful Rainforests

The lowland primary rainforest – commonly known as the “typical” rainforest – is the habitat of various highly endangered species. These species include frogs, reptiles, birds, mammals, and invertebrates like insects & molluscs. Philippine rainforests like the one located in the Northwest Panay Peninsula Natural Park (NPPNP) in the Western Visayas have the highest biodiversity per unit area in the world. Due to the occurring endangered species, the biodiversity of the NPPNP has one of the highest conservation priorities of the world, both in terms of the number of endangered flora and fauna per unit area and in terms of threats.

However, poaching and illegal clearings/deforestations threaten its existence. For this reason, PhilinCon helps to save the rainforest and its fauna in a number of ways for many years now. This of course involves ongoing expenses, including the basic costs for operating the rescue station, animal foods, medicine, as well as personnel costs. To cover these costs, it particularly requires your help.

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You can donate via Paypal (and credit card) or do a classic bank transfer. Donation receips for your taxback are available for Germany if you donate 50€ or more. [Spendenquittung für Deutschland sind ab einer Spende von 50 € möglich]. Contact us, we are happy to help:

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Stiftung Vogelforschung und Artenschutz
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The german foundation is the logistic supporter and partner of PhilinCon. The projects are planned and financed together.

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Your donation of whatever amount, large or small, will be greatly appreciated and used for our projects. Our coworkers in Germany and the PhilinCon board of trustees in the Philippines do unpaid volunteer work. Our local coworkers have a low salary but benefit from a health insurance. In general we are known for keeping our administrative costs as low as possible. Please support the rainforest.

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