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Patron of the Dulungan Brood

Become patron of a wild Walden’s Hornbill breeding pair. It’s symbolic for the around 700 wild Hornbill breeding pairs we monitor and see them trough in the central panay mountain range. Their behaviour is amazing!  Before incubation, they begin to close the entrance of the nest cavity with natural materials such as mud and fruit pulp. After the female has entered the cavity to lay her eggs, the entrance is closed further. Only a hole small enough for the male to feed the female and her offspring remains. This behavior helps to protect the nest from rival hornbills and predators. Once the chicks have grown, the barrier in front of the nesting site is destroyed. Read more about Hornbills here, and please donate or buy a wonderful present (still a donation, but with a gift).

What am I supporting?

Since 2000, our nestwardens protect the hornbill breeding pairs, during and after the breeding season once a year. After the birds leave their nest, the wardens earn money for each successesful brood. By supporting, you can help so the nestwardens do not only protect, but learn to value wildlife and pass on this respect for nature to their children.

Where will my money go to?

Your donation for our Nestwarden program is greatly appreciated and will be used to cover our project costs. Every month we spend around 2.000€ / 2.500 $ / 120.000 PhPeso on our core projects, see project overview. We are happy to have cooperations, paying a part of our costs. If you want to know more, see about – history – our budgetary requirements. We are known for keeping our administrative costs as low as humanly possible. We also have a lot of coworkers in the Philippines and abroad (Germany), doing unpaid volunteer work.

Can I trust you?

In case you are living in Germany, we will give you a donation receipt. We undergo the regular validation by the German tax authority and have the recognized non-profit status.

Sure a good thing

By donating, you are playing an important part in saving the rainforest and its wildlife like those wild but critically endangered Dulungan hornbills and maintaining biodiversity. Thank you.
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