Project Overview


Our Projects

The forests of Panay play an important role as watersheds and as protection against erosion and landslides. They are also home of rare, endemic and ecologically important species. The work of PhilinCon includes conservation of the last significant stands of primary, low elevation rainforest in the entire biogeographic region of the West Visayas, located on the Northwest Panay Peninsula Natural Park. This forest is a seed bank for reforestation of areas already destroyed. The Northwest Panay Peninsula Natural Park is an area with a range of highly endangered, endemic species of frogs, reptiles, birds and mammals that makes it one of the highest conservation priorities in the world in terms of the number of endangered plants and animals per unit area, and the degree of threat these species confront.

Our Projects


We have seedling nurseries with 25.000 seedlings of native trees to be planted at the forests rim to win back the space of the forest. We also try to reconnect the forest areas.

Forest Rangers

To monitor the forests for illegal activities (timber poaching, wildlife hunting) rangers are being hired


Research is driven by the genuine interest in the biology of threatened species to improve management conditions in the wild and understand the constraints imposed on survival in the wild. Moreover, it is motivated by the sheer desire to understand the functioning of complex ecosystem in a tropical setting of an archipelago that ranks first in the world in terms of biodiversity per unit surface area.

rescue centers

Rehabilitation and release of endangered wildlife in rescue centres in NW Panay: confiscated / donated birds and other endangered wildlife is rehabilitated till being able to fend themselves when released

Livelihood projects

We give alternative lifestyles to people which do not want to be illegal loggers or hunters anymore. A number of livelihood projects (pig fattening, carabao breeding, poultry breeding, sloping agriculture, fruit and timber tree nursing / outplanting, high value cash crop planting) have been provided.

Guarding of Nests

We hire nest guards to protect endangered birds like the Philippine Hornbills which are important seed dispersers in the forest