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Thanks for Your Support!

Before mentioning any other supporters:

a big thanks! to our Philippine coworkers such as our committed veterinarian and director Dr. Enrique Sanchez, indispensable Rhea Santillan, the forest rangers, wildlife rescue caretakers and other coworkers like Jun Tacud for their hard work, courage and committment.

Here we want to thank all our longterm supporters who have so far contributed to successful protection of Panay lowland rainforest and its priceless species, contributing work and time, scientific data, photos, ideas or donations.

CAPE Foundation, Inc.
Conservation & Appreciation of Philippine Ecosystems

See also Macky Lovina.

We greatly appreciate that a team of scientists of the

Bristol Zoological Society (BZS) 

a conservation and education charity, has joined for developing a conservation action plan for the critically endangered Negros bleeding-heart dove (Gallicolumba keayi)  in and together with the possibly last remaining intact habitat sustaining a substantial breeding population.
The team is led by Dr. Daphne Kerhoas, Lecturer in Conservation Science, with Dr. Mark Abrahams providing interdiscipilinary skills for mapping, application of modern techniques and human-wildlife interactions. Cooperation with them is just a pleasure. 
Starting with activities like mapping, acoustic and camera trap surveys and assessment of threats, the results of this work will be a valuable support for the forest rangers. The project will help to protect the entire ecosystem with many species and in addition help local  communities to develop alternative livelihood projects.

We mourn the passing-away of our long-term active supporter, Richard Perron, dedicated conservationist and founder of Quantum Conservation e.V.

Richard died after severe disease in 2017. Prior to his death he still managed to publish the book:

Perron, Richard Michael, 2016: Taxonomy of the genus Casuarius – the defined & known living Cassowary species and subspecies. Schüling Verlag, Germany, ISBN: 978-3-86523-272-4  

Richard was, for many years, organizer of the annual “ZooKunft” (zoo future) meeting in Germany with podium presentations and discussion about ex situ conservation and management, also supporting in situ conservation. Being involved in Philippine nature conservation himself, he provided longterm valuable advice and active support for the PESCP and later for PhilinCon. The project owes him a lot.

The Quantum Conservation web pages:,, and,,

are no longer online, but contents may still be accessed via the Internet Archive “Wayback Machine”.
His “Quantum-Verzeichnis” / Directory of European zoos and conservation-orientated organisations is continued by Schüling Buchkurier –

PDF copies available via Schüling Buchkurier
Printed copies via Amazon Germany
Entries can be corrected via

We owe a debt of gratitude to the award-winning architect Dipl.-Ing. Georg Gewers, Berlin, for personally supporting our work in the Philippines, beside plenty of own work, providing invaluable active help and advice.
Congratulations to him and the entire team for another recent prize – German Design Award Special 2019


Erwin Warth Stiftung Flora und Fauna
(Erwin Warth Foundation, Fauna and Flora), Stuttgart, Germany)
The President Hilde Stühlinger is extremely committed to the conservation of nature and people as revealed by her personal engagement including a physically most taxing visit to the project. Her unwavering support of the project’s agenda and creative proposals proved indispensable for carrying out our diverse activities.

Link zu den Projekten

Vogelschutzkomitee e. V.
(German Bird Protection Committee)
Sincere thanks and appreciation for long-term active support to Prof. Dr. Eberhard Schneider, President .
The bird protection committee is highly efficient with projects protecting wild birds within their habitats, like prevention of illegal capture of European migratory birds with traps, nets and glue sticks in the Mediterranian area or protection and renaturation of an important resting area for cranes. In addition Prof. Schneider efficiently helps us to protect the unique, endangered avifauna of the Philippine island of Panay, his organization has crucially supported our efforts toward rehabilitation and release of endangered wildlife, nest guarding and forest ranger operations.

Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS)
From the inception of our project, the FZS had been the main supporter till end of 2009, then gradually phasing out. Wiithout the support of this organization which is active worldwide the project would not have been nearly as successful as it became. Through its help at times of greatest and unforeseen needs (typhoons!) it proved to be an outstanding supporter.


And many thanks to Bernd Vornefeld who, since many years, is our savior from all sorts of computer trouble and technical problems! More information

Rettet den Regenwald e. V. (Rainforest Rescue)
This organization with its worldwide support of indigenous people and the forests they live in and depend on was instrumental in helping PhilinCon monitoring the forests of NW Panay in search of illegal activities through the project’s Forest Rangers.


David Wynne, Alexandria, Virginia, USA is a great longterm supporter who has, since several years, provided invaluable equipment such as cameras, suggestions for technical improvement of working conditions for the forest rangers, books for the local library, and equipment for the Philippine coworkers, including school supply for their children. Thanks a lot for this very encourageing and useful help!

Ruhr-University Bochum
Conservation Biology Unit of Ruhr University of Bochum, Germany, founder and PhilinCon Scientific Advisor:
Prof. Dr. Eberhard Curio

Brehm Fonds für Internationalen Vogelschutz e. V. (Brehm Fund for International Bird Protection) with a page about Philippine hornbill protection

The Mohamed bin Zayed
Species Conservation Fund

The Jardin Zoologique Tropical,
La Londe, France, also kindly supports our conservation efforts

Negros Forest and Ecological Foundation, Inc.,
Bacolod City, Negros Occidental 

Pandan Beach Resort
Barangay Dionela, Pandan, Antique
Eco-tourism in NW Panay

CAPE Foundation, Inc.
Conservation & Appreciation of Philippine Ecosystems

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Ohio, supports PhilinCon in its efforts toward in situ protection of wildlife in the Central Panay Mountain Range, starting in 2007, for which assistance the project is immensely grateful.


San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park
Escondido, California  

Birds International, Inc.,
sustainable Philippine breeding and research project for endangered parrots

1468 Quezon Avenue,
Quezon City, Philippines
Tel. Nos. +63 2 9230430 / +63 2 9221854 / +63 2 9224984
Fax No. +63 2 9227907

and PhilinCon coordinates with local NGOs, POs and relevant government offices on the Island of Panay, as well as maintaining and increasing contacts through local and national media.

The following links do not lead to PhilinCon pages. We have no influence on the content of the websites mentioned here, please do not make us liable for any contents in them with which you do not agree. For details see our linking policy. 

Websites about Philippine biodiversity and conservation:

ARKive – images of life on earth A non-profit guide to photos and films of the world’s endangered wildlife, promoting awareness of biodiversity and conservation needs
See for instance videos, photos and facts about endangered species in the Philippines

Vanishing treasures of the Philippine rainforest. Online edition of a book by Heaney, L. R. & J. C. Regalado, Jr. (1998), Field Museum, Chicago. (A superbly illustrated introduction and overview on the Philippine biota, its threat and its conservation).

Animal info – Philippines. By Paul Massicot, Science Net Links.

Environment: Biodiversity of Pandan. Page in the official website of the Municipality of Pandan.

Philippine Tarsier Foundation

Philippine plants. A website by the Botany Division of the Philippine National Museum

One Ocean – Improving coastal management in the Philippines.

Websites of other organisations