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Some projects which can also be supported with minor expense: 

Livelihood projects  -  tree nurseries for reforestation and more
Precautionary development of the upland communities living near or inside the forest: through PanayCon as the implementer. A number of livelihood projects (pig fattening, carabao breeding, poultry breeding, sloping agriculture, fruit and timber tree nursing / outplanting, high value cash crop planting) have been provided. Contracted participants are obliged to no longer use the forest for timber and wildlife hunting. Each project costing from 400 to 800 US$.

Livelihood project - more information

Livelihood pigs
Hiring of Forest Rangers
To monitor the forests for illegal activities (timber poaching, wildlife hunting) rangers are being hired, costing with insurances included, 1400 US$ per forest ranger per year.

Forest ranger project - more information

Forest rangers
Guarding nests of endangered bird species,
for example, Philippine hornbills (important seed dispersers for the forest): 
to cope with nest poaching, community conservationists and nest guards are being hired with a monthly remuneration of 20 US$/month and a nest incentive of 16 US$ per saved nest, respectively.

Nest guarding project - more information

Hornbill at nest
Support of rescue centers
Rehabilitation and release of endangered wildlife at rescue centers in NW Panay: confiscated / donated birds and other endangered wildlife are rehabilitated till being able to fend for themselves when released; with a hornbill for instance costing annually (food, medicine, caretaking, health monitoring) ca. 200 US$.

Rescue center project - more information

This is a sideline activity that complements the management activities on the ground. It is driven by the genuine interest in the biology of threatened species to improve management conditions in the wild and understand the constraints imposed on survival in the wild. Moreover, it is motivated by the sheer desire to understand the functioning of complex ecosystem in a tropical setting of an archipelago that ranks first in the world in terms of biodiversity per unit surface area.

Research project - more information

Research -

In our page  How you can help  you can find information how to support such projects, and you can download a list of projects in PDF format.

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