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About us
PhilinCon is a registered Philippine non-profit, non-governmental conservation group operating in the Philippines. Its principal objective is to help protect and conserve the few remaining forests and the rare and endangered species of plants and wildlife that exist in the country, particularly those in the Northwest Panay Peninsula and other parts of Panay Island, in the Western Visayas region.

Conservation as a rule will only be successful in the long run if it provides recognizable short-term or long-term advantages for the local people and if they are interested in joining for their own sake. Considering this fact, in Nov 2010 conservation minded citizens of larger Pandan, Antique, established the new NGO ‘Philippine Initiative for Conservation of Environment and the People, Inc.’ (PhilinCon)  to replace the former NGO PhilConserve.
PhilConserve had been founded to help protect remaining forests and threatened species particularly of the Western Visayas region of the Philippines,
PhilConserve and its executive project, the PESCP, had already done a considerable amount of work for local communities such as livelihood programs, irrigation, an income and insurances for local coworkers. Our new umbrella NGO, PhilinCon, reflects our new focus both in its name and its agenda, trying to combine nature conservation with efficient help for the local people. Accordingly, PhilConserve´s longterm main project, the Philippine Endemic Species Conservation Project (PESCP), was replaced by its functional successor, the Panay Eco-Social Conservation Project (PanayCon), with nature conservation and research continuing as before, but with a focus on increased cooperation with and help for the local people. See our page about PanayCon´s history for more details. Both the NGO and PanayCon can capitalize on the invaluable experience and uncompromised determination of former PESCP staff who had stayed ‘in the camp’ and are doing an excellent job.


PhilinCon is affiliated with, cooperates with or has in the past cooperated with:
the Department of Environment & Natural Resources (DENR) of the Philippine Government and
LGUs (Local Government Units),
the Aklan State University, and Ruhr-University Bochum in Germany; and
the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

For more information about partner organisations see PanayCon´s page about our supporters and partners.
PhilinCon serves as the operational platform providing support and linkages for its project  PanayCon.

Our work
PhilinCon´s activities carried out via executive projects, mainly PanayCon, are done on a full-time basis, thanks in large part to the financial help and moral support we continue to get from our patrons and other national and international supporters.
See our PanayCon pages and PhilinCon project pages for our work
We are trying to further improve our internet-based fundraising campaign to make financial help simpler -- and more secure -- for our donors.  The new setup allows Filipino, U.S. and German taxpayers to have their donations officially deductible as tax-exempt in their tax returns.         

Management and membership
PhilinCon’s overall activities are managed by a Board of Trustees. Members are elected for one-year terms and serve without pay. 
At present (2013) the elected board members are Dr. Enrique Sanchez (president), Honorio Jamandron (vice president), Rhea A. Santillan (secretary) and Mary Joan B. Aldanese (treasurer).
The Board of Trustees includes a mandatory majority of members of Philippine nationality.
General membership in PhilinCon is open to anyone of full age, regardless of nationality or place of residence, who supports environmental conservation in general.
PhilinCon´s main office is based in the Philippines. See our contact page for our offices here and in other countries.
For becoming a member or supporter, please click here

Download our brochure "Aims and scope of PhilinCon" (PDF format)

Articles of Incorporation of
Philippine Initiative for Conservation of Environment and the People, Inc.

Elaborating on Certification by the Incorporators of November / December 2010:

The purpose or purposes for which  the  association is incorporated are:

To help preserve biodiversity in the Philippines;

To assist communities, government agencies and its offices, the private sector, individuals, POs and NGOs in designing, implementing, or sustaining progress, projects and fora that directly or indirectly support biodiversity, conservation and resource management, precautionary sustainable economic development of rural communities,  including, but not limited to, livelihood projects, reforestation and training seminars on improved agricultural techniques and forests and watershed protection and restoration. Given financial or other constraints habitat protection will be given preference to all other agenda;
To conduct research on the components of biodiversity and on the interrelationships of these components in terrestrial ecosystems;

    To accept donated, confiscated or rescued wildlife for the purpose of conserving, rehabilitating, releasing and/or breeding species indigenous to the Philippines, contingent on the capacity of  the rescue facilities managed under the umbrella of the NGO. Preference will be given to wildlife indigenous to Panay;
To raise funds, from both Philippine and external sources, to finance the above activities.

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