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Philippine Initiative for Conservation of Environment and the People, Inc.
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Precautionary development of the upland communities living near or inside the forest: through PanayCon as the implementer a number of livelihood projects (pig fattening, carabao = water buffalo  and cattle breeding, poultry breeding, sloping agriculture, fruit and timber tree nursing/ outplanting, high value cash crop planting, ginger tea production, basket composting, irrigation) have been provided. Contracted participants are obliged to no longer use the forest for timber and wildlife hunting. Violation results in the withdrawal of funding by the contractor / implementer.

Livelihood - composting
Basket composting

Tree seedling
Reforestation with native tree species
Tree seedling in our nursery

Main activities/ outputs to achieve objective(s):

Participants are enlightened about the projects and the associated technology mentioned by PanayConís special staff (1 forester, 1 agriculturist), aside from environmental education received through the projectís educators. The projectís vet (DVM) oversees the animal husbandry and health through vaccination and health monitoring. The income generated through the various projects is thought to enable the participant families to leave the forest undamaged while exploiting it sustainably, for instance, through collecting of seedlings for the nurseries. The latter are sold to the stakeholders partaking in the nursery and outplanting schemes, thus generating income in yet another way.

Pig pen
Native pigs
Pig pen

Average duration per project:
Single projects last typically 1-2 years during which time seed money is given in installments to the contracted participants, with detailed contracts forged between PanayCon and both the respective Brgy councils and the participant families.

Average cost per project:
Each project is typically costing from 400 to 800 US$, depending on the sustainability of financial support secured through PanayCon.

In our page  How you can help  you can find information how to support such projects, and you can download a list of projects in PDF format.


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